a new hope on ethereum


Community . Charity . Crypto

The beginning of HOPE an ERC20 token on Ethereum.

From the outside, it looks like this is going to be another charity coin to fill up the ever cluttered microcap meme coin space. And if you think that, you are only half right. This is a charity-related coin but the vision, roadmap and destiny we are about to layout will change the futures of our investors, addicts and families in need of HOPE.

financial Education

Learn 2 Earn Platform

College Tuition.

We will launch our very own Learn 2 Earn platform, where students and children all around the world can learn about financial education by completing educational videos, courses, books and quizzes. Upon completion they will earn crypto. Which they will be able to use towards college tuition and other advanced learning courses.

Addiction & Recovery NFT Platform

Hope will launch our very own NFT platform that will reward recovering addicts with different tier NFTs for each step of their recovery. NFTs will give the holders passive income, gym memberships, vacation packages and other things that will benefit them in their daily activities and help with the struggles and urge to relapse.

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This is just the beginning for HOPE and only part of the grand plan to bring a little bit of HOPE to those who need it.

Addiction is a dark and dangerous place when you are stuck there alone but there is always HOPE.